5 Rabbit Savvy Sites to Help You Care for Your Bun.

Welcome back to another Saturday night blog post!

Our last few posts have been related to digital media literacy skills and how to utilize them. Please check those posts out if you have not, links to them will be provided at this post. So, I thought this week we would take a break from that to talk about something very dear to my heart: house rabbits.

Ever since adopting my first rabbit 4 years ago, I have had a sort of obsession with learning all I can about them. Call it a passion for taking care of my bunnies to the best of my ability. After years of research, I have cultivated for myself a few select sites that I turn to for help and information about domesticated rabbits. I would like to share those sites with you today.

In no particular order, here is a list of quality rabbit care sources:

  1. House Rabbit Society

The House Rabbit Society is a valuable resource for everything related to domesticated rabbits, from basic care information to rabbit advocacy. First time and long time rabbit owners both benefit from this site’s wealth of information. House Rabbit Society was one of the first to break the news of RHDV (Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus), a deadly disease affecting house rabbits, and provide resources on how to keep your bunny safe from the disease. 

  1. Association of Exocit Mammal Veterinarians

Looking for a vet to care for your furry little friend? Most vets in your areas may not have much experience dealing with rabbits, which is not good to hear when your bunny needs medical attention. That is why finding a rabbit friendly vet is so important. Association of Exocit Mammal Veterinarians has you covered with an extensive list of rabbit friendly vets across the United States just once search away.

  1. Small Pet Select

One of the first bunny basics one learns is that their diet consists mostly of hay. Small Pet Select has you covered with various cuts of hay and hay created products to help keep your bunny’s digestive system healthy. They even have a guide on the different types of hay cuts to help you pick the right cut for your bunny.

  1. 101Rabbits

101Rabbits is a visual resource for the basics of rabbit care and one I turn to often when looking for help with visual aides.The videos of theirs that I have found the most useful are their nail clipping demonstration and the rabbit bonding process videos. 

  1. r/Rabbits

I mostly put r/Rabbits on this list to end on a fun note and prevent an information overload. r/Rabbits is a subreddit community that brings rabbit parent redditors together. Whether it be cute photos of their buns or asking for parenting advice, this subreddit is a great place for rabbit owners new and experienced to come together.

Delicate, but loving. Rabbits are such fascinating creatures that are still so misunderstood when it comes to their basic care needs. I hope this list has given you some new sites to turn to for any of your rabbit related questions and needs. Is there a site that you love that I forgot? Post it in the comments below, I am always looking for new rabbit holes to jump down.

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