24 Hours: Media and Me

Happy Saturday, viewers!

Let’s cut to the chase, many of us are glued to the World Wide Web for most of the day. Whether it be for work, school or pleasure, the Internet has become an important part of our lives. Heck, it is almost impossible to find a job these days without having Internet access. For this week’s blog post we will be discussing my media consumption throughout a 24 hour period. Doing this has opened my eyes to just how many things I may need to change to improve my relationship with the media and the news.

9 AM – I have been awake for about ten minutes, and the first thing I do is check my Twitter. Not the kind of bird I should be looking at first thing in the morning, but I mostly do it to check online friends and to see what discussions I missed overnight. Nothing productive came out of this first hour, I tend to avoid looking at news on Twitter these days. The reply section under news posts is not good for my mental health.

10 AM – For breakfast I turn on YouTube to watch any new videos the creators I am subscribed to have made. This morning it was mostly wrestling promos that were shot after while I was sleeping.

11 AM – After I finish eating, I get on my computer to work on some personal projects, and scroll through Twitter. Most of the “news” I interact with on Twitter is through other Twitter users spreading awareness about certain topics. I do not ever retweet these kinds of tweets without verifying the contents of the tweet for myself first. I am grateful for Twitter’s bookmark function for this reason.

12 PM – Noon rolls around and I decide to get started on some work for school. Focusing mostly on my Empirical Political Inquiry, I spend this time watching Professor Bustikova’s lecture videos and working out of our class’s workbook.

1 PM to 2 PM – Still working on work for school, but my brain is done working with math for today. I move onto another class, People and Plants. While here I watched Professor Morehart’s lectures for the week, and read the Plants and Society textbook chapters 16 and 17 in PDF form provided by the Professor.

3 PM – Time to get ready for work! I spend this time getting ready while listening to the local NBC 4 News team out of Washington D.C. I mostly have it on as background noise, but I do catch things like the weather and COVID-19 updates for the area.

 4 PM to 9PM – I was at work during this time, so there was not much media consumption happening from 4 pm.. to 9 p.m. I did check my phone a few times for texts, but do not tell my boss, please!

10 PM to 12 PM – After getting home from work and making sure my bunnies are fed, I get comfortable and start gaming! 

1 AM – Now our journey has come to a close, get snuggled into my bed and pop my ear buds in. I fall asleep to the soothing voices of the Sleepcast from the Headspace app. I used to listen to YouTube videos, but I often did not pick the best videos to try and fall asleep to.

After logging a whole 24 hours worth of media consumption, I have realized I do not interact much with the news directly. Sometimes I do find myself looking at local news headlines, or tuning in for about an hour like I did today, but that is very rare. To end this experiment, I will be ranking the few “news outlets” I did interact with today.

News Outlet Ranking:

NBC 4 News- Washington D.C.: 8 –  Fairly trustworthy. Like any large news corporation, NBC 4 News has credibility and reliability, but they can have moments where they slip up. They seem like they generally try to be unbiased politically.

YouTube: 5 Mid. It really depends on the video and who made it.

Random Twitter User: 1Least Trustworthy. I am by no means saying every Twitter user trying to spread awareness about certain topics is lying or uneducation on said topic. It is just a general rule not to trust social media users as far as you can throw them. (Which is not at all.)

How many news outlets do you interact with in a day, or do you interact with any at all? I would love to hear from you in the comments below!


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