Taking a Step Back to Basics

Last week, we promised that our next post would involve an in depth look into Kyosuke Mikami’s current in-ring persona, El Desperado. Based on the comments from last post, this week I would like to instead focus on some wrestling terminology. It will be important that I make certain terms clear early on, since some who stumble across this blog might not be familiar with wrestling at all.

Do not worry, that character analysis post is still coming. I just wanted to provide a bit of general wrestling information for those who might not be totally “in the know”, so that everyone can enjoy this blog’s content. 

The video attached below is a little guide I put together quickly going over a few key terms. I hope that it will clear up any confusion there might be for newer fans, as well as provide a vocabulary refresher for not-so-new fans. 

The definitions for the terms covered in this video are all based on the definitions provided by Mark Perry over on ProWrestlingNewsHub.com. Here is a direct link to their wrestling terms glossary page: https://prowrestlingnewshub.com/extra/pro-wrestling-terms/

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to open a discussion down in the comments or contact me directly. I hope to see you next week!

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